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 Biosense Laboratories AS
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 Bergen, N-5008,
 Tel:(+47) 55543966
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 E-Mail: biosense@biosense.com

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Kits for detecting Herbicides and Pesticides
Biosense Laboratories offers to the European market a series of ELISA kits for screening and quantifying pesticides in a broad range of sample matrices.

The pesticide kits are used to analyze water, soil and agricultural products. The glyphosate kit has additional unique applications that include urine, milk, grains, rose stems and even potato tubers.

The performance of several of the pesticide kits has been verified by the US EPA ETV program, and many of the kits are also listed in the National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI), a searchable, on-line Reference maintained jointly by the US EPA and USGS.

The series of assays includes:

2,4-D ELISA kit,
L58200401-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Acetochlor ELISA kit,
L43000401-100, Magnetic particle (100T)

Atrazine ELISA kit,
L41000401-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Alachlor ELISA kit,
L56200402-100, Magnetic particle (100T)
L56200401-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Azoxystrobin ELISA kit,
L56298406-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Cerbendazim/Benomyl ELISA kit,
L56298405-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Cyclodienes ELISA kit,
L44200401-096,  Microtiter plate (96T) 

L45200401-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Diuron ELISA kit,
L46200401-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Glyphosate ELISA kit,
L42000402-096, Microtiter plate (96T) read more
L42000402-120, Magnetic particle (120T) read more 

Imidacloprid ELISA kit,
L59200466-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Metolachlor ELISA kit,
L47200401-096, Microtiter plate (96T)
L47200401-100, Magnetic particle (100T)

Organo Phosphate/Carbamate (OP/C) ELISA kit,
L54000401-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

Pyrethroids ELISA kit,
L55200401-100, Magnetic particle (100T)

Pyraclostrobin ELISA kit,
L56298407-096, ELISA plate (96T)

Spinosyn ELISA kit,
L56298403-040, Tube kit (40T)

Trifluralin ELISA kit,
L56298404-096, Microtiter plate (96T)

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