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 Biosense Laboratories AS
 Thormøhlensgt. 55
 Bergen, N-5008,
 Tel:(+47) 55543966
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 E-Mail: biosense@biosense.com

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Biosense Laboratories
 Biosense Laboratories AS is a leading supplier of  test systems for detecting presence and effect of xenobiotics, toxins and pollutants. The Biosense concept comprises antibodies and antibody-based kits (immunoassays), that are reliable and has proven several advantages compared to more conventional analyses in terms of userfriendliness and cost- and time- effectiveness.

The main application areas for our products are chemical toxicological testing, environmental monitoring, and food safety control globally.

Biosense' standardised solutions for analyzing endocrine disrupting effects of compounds are designed to comply to international and governmental guidelines (OECD, US EPA, JEA).