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Glyphosate HS ELISA test kit (Magnetic particle based)
Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl)-glycine, is the active component of many widely used herbicides. The compound is adsorbed by plant leaves and acts by preventing the synthesis of essential amino acids. When Glyphosate comes into contact with soil it adsorbs strongly onto soil particles. Unbound Glyphosate is rapidly degraded by microbial activity whereas the adsorbed Glyphosate is inactive, but stable. The widespread use of Glyphosate, the fact that Glyphosate can be very difficult to isolate and quantify, and the potential of using Glyphosate in combination with genetically modified crops, has put much focus on the herbicide in the environmental discussions.

The Glyphosate HS ELISA test kit, 120T, is a magnetic particle based competitive ELISA for the determination of Glyphosate in water, soil and other matrices. The kit can be used as a quantitative, semi-quantitative or qualitative test, depending on protocol selected. The assay utilizes magnetic particles as the solid-phase format. The total incubation time is about 60 minutes, and the incubations are performed at room temperature.

The antiserum employed in this assay are specific for Glyphosate. There is no detectable cross-reactivity with non-related pesticides or the AMPA metabolite.

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