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AP (Alkylphenol) ELISA test kit
The Alkylphenol (AP) ELISA test kit specifically detects APs, APEs and NPnEC and does not cross-react with other surfactants or compounds with similar structure.

The analysis is based on a competitive reaction where enzyme-labelled standard AP competes with free AP in the sample for binding to a specific monoclonal antibody immobilised to the surface of the microtiter plate. The amount of labelled AP bound to the plate is determined by addition of a non-coloured substrate which is converted into a coloured product. The colour intensity is measured at 450 nm and is inversely proportional to the amount of AP in the sample. The assay is calibrated using a standard solution of AP supplied with the kit.

The Alkylphenol (AP) ELISA kit is suitable for applications such as analyses of waste and river water, textiles, detergent formulas and optimization of washing processes.

The assay is highly sensitive, simple and rapid to perform. The standard curve working range is 5-500 µg/L. A simple solid phase extraction can be preformed on samples with very low concentrations of AP.

The kit is available in a microplate (96 wells) format.

Download the pdf product-sheet here