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Algal- and cyano-toxin ELISA kits

Quantitative ELISA kits to detect marine algal toxins such as Diarrhetic Shellfish Poison (DSP) Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP) and for freshwater cyanotoxins such as Microcystin (MC) and Cylindrospermopsin.

Cyano-toxin ELISA kits

L34000401-096: Microcystin ADDA ELISA kit
User Guide

L34000402-096: Microcystin ADDA SAES ELISA kit
User Guide

L34000410-096: Microcystin DM ELISA kit
User Guide

L35000401-096: Cylindrospermopsin ELISA kit
User Guide

L35000460-096: Anabaenopeptins ELISA kit
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Biosense also offers a range of tube kits and standards. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for further info.

Algal toxin ELISA kits

L35000430-096: Brevetoxin (NSP) ELISA kit
User Guide

L35000420-096: Ocadaic Acid (DSP) ELISA kit
User Guide

L35000410-096: Saxitoxin (PSP) ELISA kit
User Guide

L35000451-096: Anatoxin-a ELISA kit
User Guide

L59400407-096: Cyclic Imines (PnTX-A/-G, SPX-C) ELISA kit
User Guide

L35000440-096: BMAA ELISA kit
User Guide

Algal- and Cyano-toxin Strip Tests

Strip tests (dipsticks) to detect microcystins, cylindrospermopsins and Anatoxin-a in freshwater samples as well as dipsticks to detect and quantify microcystins in source and finished drinking water.

L35098504-020: Anatoxin-a (VFDF) 20 tests

L35098505-020: Cylindrospermopsin, with QuikLyse™, 20 tests

L34000501-020: Microcystins, Finished Drinking Water 20 tests

L34000502-020: Microcystins, Source Drinking Water with QuikLyse™, 20 tests

L34000503-020: Microcystins, Recreational Water with QuikLyse™, 20 tests

Please contact us by phone or e-mail for further info.

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