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GMO ELISA kits and Antibodies

ELISA kits, dipstics, antibodies and standards to detect Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) gene products from genes inserted into genetically modified (GM) crops.

L70350401-096: Bt Cry1Ab/Ac ELISA kit
User Guide

L70350402-096: Bt Cry1F ELISA kit
User Guide

  • Dipstics for Bt Cry 1Ab/Ac and Bt Cry 1F
  • and
  • Antibody pairs and standards (Bt proteins) for Cry1Ab, Cry1Ac, Cry1F, Cry2A, Cry3B, and Cry9C are also available.

  • Please contact us at biosense (at) biosense.com for further info.

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